Jumat, 22 Februari 2013

Teaching Is Fun ^^

Hai guys! It's been a long time I didn't post any article here. Is there anyone waiting for my post? Hehe... I hope so. ^^

Well, I was sooo busy lately so I have no time for updating my blog. I'm so sory. In January, I promised that I will be update my blog routined. But... yahh... I failed to fulfill my promise. Huhu... :( 

Finally, I have a spare time tonight. And here, I wanna share you about my new activity now. What is that? Yoyooo... Teaching! ^^

When I was a little kid, I've never dreamed that I'll be a teacher. Yap, although my father is a teacher, I wanna have another profession. But then, destiny is a fate. Haha... Now, I love teaching so much! A lot! Teaching is fun, so much fun. ^_^
Most of us got where we are because of teachers, though we rarely get the chance to thank them. While their image may fade in our minds with time, the knowledge and advice they impart is never forgotten... :)
I never think that teaching will be this fun. Although I also know that there are so many difficulties in the process. But I enjoy it. I enjoy everything about teaching. Thanks, God! Alhamdulillah. ^^

Thats all. Thanks everybody for reading my blog. :-)
Experience is the best teacher. Coz experience never give you homework. ^^_Yoga Cahya Putra_

6 komentar:

  1. Hmm... teaching, what an amazing experience it is :D
    Students can be so cute
    they also can be so rude
    Students can be so diligent
    but they also can be so delinquent

    teacher-students, what a ... relationship it is :D

    “Everybody at one time or another wants to die. It’s not wrong to have those thoughts. But when you want to die, enduring that and surviving—that’s really commendable.”
    Just sayin' :)

    Fighting girl!!!

    1. so sweet too!!!aih aih, suka banget sama postingan ini...
      ternyata mbak dika selama ini ngilang gara2 itu haha
      dimaafkan *nahlho
      SEMANGAT YA MBAK! bawa cerita itu ke seluruh pembaca :)

  2. hai.... assalamu'alaikum
    love this blog... :)

    1. Hai Nisa... long time no see. hehe,,, Thank you for loving this blog. ^^

  3. Assalamu'alaikum..
    It's so very cute this blog, i like it ^_^
    Cause Insya Alloh I also will be the teacher.
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