Sabtu, 19 Mei 2012

Eun Shi Kyung's Confession Love

Annyeong hasimnikka!
Jae ireumen Eun Shi Kyung imnida.
Hehe... I mean, my name is Jo Jung Suk who plays role as Eun Shi Kyung in The King 2 Heart
What? I am cute? *shy*
I already know that. :=) LOL
You know, I love Princess Lee Jae Shin so much!  <3
Huh'! But Princess said that I was The World's Most Boring Royal Guard Captain. :(
Princess Jae Shin!!!
Please! Accept my love for you!
Dong Ha: But, before you confess your love to Princess Jae Shin, lets practise to act cute. ^_^
Shi Kyung: Like this??? *flatface.mode.on
Ahh... Arasoyo! Maybe I just have to play song for her?
Ehm... Ha... dul... set...

Or maybe I give her a parrot?
I guess she love it. ^_^
Hmm... Or I need to call King Jae Ha for help.
Ommoo....  It's Princess voice. Ottokeee~~~ 
Sigh! I have to meet her sooner. Hwaiting!

Here she is!
You are much brighter than the star...
Please, accept my love!
Bo??? Are you crazy?
I already love you, baby!
Shi Kyung: Really? Do you love me, too?
Princess: De~ oppa. Saranghamnida.<3 
Shi Kyung: Look at them!
Yeahhh... Finally...
Congratulation guys!
We have sent request to the author, to made you both married at the final episode!
Hopefully! ^_^

~ E N D ~

Please, happy ending for us! Peace!

Original dioalog by: Qhaisar Rain
Source pic : Google 

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  1. Hahahaha...Bisa aje lo... Keren... Keren... Keren...
    Shi Kyung Oppa, klo Princess Jae Shin nolak, sama saya aja, hahaha...*gilamodeon

    1. Haha... gue getohh... :=D
      Btw, apa2an tuh PPnya? *mupeng
      Hahaha... Arrgghhh itu kan oppa gue, ente Jae Ha aja sono... Haha *rebutkembaliabangjojungsuk*

    2. Arasoo,,, beralih ke Boong-do oppa...^^

  2. aaahhh, miss u so much eun shi kyung, ^^

    ehh, please dong, jgn pake captcha, aq g bisa baca,,>.,


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