Kamis, 17 Mei 2012

Being Cat

Six reason you should consider being a cat:

  1. Free food (Hehehe... you can eat anything you want. Hoho...)
  2. Free rent (Definitely yes! ^_^)
  3. Sleep as long as you want to (Oh yeah!!! I love sleeping. Hahaha...)
  4. Look great with no effort (Yes, you're still cute though you rarely shower. Qiqiqi...^_^)
  5. Toes look like beans (So?)
  6. License to kill (Hhhmmm... hahaha...^_^V)

Credit: smashinghub fb

4 komentar:

  1. Muehehehe... what kind of cat is it? If a Persian cat or maybe another high classes cats, I can consider it... What if a homeless cat? Uhh... I won't even dreamed it... :D

    1. Haha... I think, those are the basic instinct of being cats. Whether it is high class cat or homeless cat. :D

  2. wkakakakakak
    aq langsung ngakak baca tulisan ini teh, keren

    1. Idem, ane jg ngak2 pas pertama bacanya. Makanya diposting ulang di sini. Hehe... :D


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