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[Drama] Shut Up! Flower Boy Band

If I have a chance to succeed together with my friend, even it's just 1%, I'll take it. Because something that we have a lot is time. ~Hyun Soo
I love it. But yeah, I lost my “excited”.
That’s the feeling when I just have read the synopsis/recap of drama, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band in Dramabeans. And here the reason why:
  • I just read the synopsis, not watch the drama. So the feeling was different, right?
  • I read it in English synopsis. So, there could be some misunderstanding because I know that my English isn’t very well and also I didn’t use dictionary or Google Translate. Hehe,,, ^_^
  • My twin sister has told me a little bit about how the drama was going well, how she was really excited about it and so on. Then, I was not become too anxious about the storyline anyway.
[I think this is important for you. If you want to watch a good drama, don’t ask anybody to tell you before. Coz this will make you lost the intention, lost the tasty, and of course “lost the excited” moment. Hehe,,, Prove it!]

But, however, I will try to share my own opinion (not review) about this drama, Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. Here we go!

“I want to die in my happiest moment.” ~Byung Hee.
  • Storyline
It’s all about “from child to adult” life. There were love, friendship, enemy, and others problem in our adolescent age. An usual theme, right? So, where’s the difference with the others drama? NATURAL and SIMPLE. That’s what I like about this drama. The conflict was really natural, not too over. 

No one was always in rightful space and also no one was always in wrongful space. It made us couldn’t blame to each character. They have their own reason to do something. No devil or angel character. The storyline also has complete story. Each character always developed in every episode. Good beginning and good ending, really satisfied. ^_^

“Because without them, I have nothing.” ~ Ji-Hyuk.
  • Cast & Character
Do Il oppa... ^_^
I won’t mention one by one of the characters. Coz I’m sure there are so many blog/article talk about it. I just wanna tell you about my favorite cast and character in SUFBB. Who? Yup, Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il. Hehe… Why? Handsome? Of course. I really love his character here. Not too much talk, but one moment he started to talk, it gives us deep impression. Calm and mysterious. Hoho… Daebak! b^_^d

Here the list of the cast and character in SUFBB. Check it out!

Eye Candy:
Sung Joon as Kwon Ji Hyuk
L as Lee Hyun Soo
Lee Hyun Jae as Jang Do Il (Drummer)

Kim Min Suk as Seo Kyung Jong (Keyboardist)
and Yoo Min Kyu as Kim Ha Jin (Bassist)
Lee Min Ki as Joo Byung Hee (Vocalist, Leader. Cameo ep1-2)
Strawberry Fields:
Jung Ui as Yoo Seung Hoon
Jung Ui Chul as Yoo Seung Hoon
Kwak Jung Wook as Jung Maro
Kim Hyun Joon as Park Pyo Joo

Extended Cast:
Jo Bo Ah as Im Soo Ah
Kim Ye Rim  as Kim Ye Rim
Kim Jung Min as Bang Woo Kyung
Jung Ji Ahn as Jo Deo Mi
Ma Dong Suk as Silva/ Shil Ba
Dong Hyun Bae (동현배) as Sharkpa boss
Kim C (김C) as Rock Kim
Yum Jung Ah as Ji Hyuk's mom (cameo)

  • Original Sound Track
For the first time I hear the song, I don’t like it. Coz, you know, almost of the OST are rock. And I don’t really like rock song. But, there are also some ballad song in this drama that I love. Such as 어쩌다 널 / Eojjeoda Neol / Somehow I || by 김민석 / Kim Min Seok, Love You, Like You || by 엘, 김예림 / El, Kim Ye Rim. Nice song! ^_^

Here the list of the OST. SUFBB. Check it out!
  • Part 1 || Release Date: 2012-Feb-06
1. Not In Love || by 이민기 / Lee Min Ki
2. Not In Love || by Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith
3. Not In Love (Inst.) || by V.A.
  • Part 2 || Release Date: 2012-Feb-13
1. 무단횡단 / Mudanhwoingdan / Jay Walking || by 성준 / Sung Joon
2. 무단횡단 (Inst.) / Mudanhwoingdan (Inst.) / Jay Walking (Inst.) || by V.A.
  • Part 3 || Release Date: 2012-Feb-20
1. 어쩌다 널 / Eojjeoda Neol / Somehow I || by 김민석 / Kim Min Seok
2. 어쩌다 널 (Inst.) / Eojjeoda Neol (Inst.) / Somehow I (Inst.) || by V.A.
  • Part 4 || Release Date: 2012-Mar-05
1. Wake Up || by 성준 / Sung Joon
2. Wake Up (Inst.) || by V.A.
  • Part 5 || Release Date: 2012-Mar-12
1. Love You, Like You || by 엘, 김예림 / El, Kim Ye Rim
2. Love You, Like You (Inst.) || by V.A.
  • Full Album || Release Date: 2012-Mar-22
1. Wake Up (Prologue) || by 이재학 / Lee Jae Hak
2. Not In Love || by 이민기 / Lee Min Ki
3. 무단횡단 / Mudanhwoingdan / Jay Walking || by 성준 / Sung Joon
4. 어쩌다 널 / Eojjeoda Neol / Somehow I || by 김민석 / Kim Min Seok
5. Wake Up || by 성준 / Sung Joon
6. Love You, Like You || by 엘, 김예림 / El, Kim Ye Rim
7. 오늘은 (Original Dialogue) / Oneuleun (Original Dialogue) / Today (Original Dialogue) || by 성준 / Sung Joon
8. 소녀곡예사 / Sonyeogokyesa / ? || by 김예림 / Kim Ye Rim
9. 몰라야 할 말 (Original Dialogue) / Mollayo Hal Mal (Original Dialogue) / ? (Original Dialogue) || by 성준 / Sung Joon
10. Dear Friend (Epilogue) || by 이상훈 / Lee Sang Hoon

Well, honestly, I have so many words to say about Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. But, over all, this drama was really interesting to watch. So many inspiration and nostalgic moment. And yup, I really recommended this drama for you. Hehe...

So, thank you very much Shut Up! Flower Boy Band. You're rock!!!! ^_^W

See U in the next drama, guys! Bye!

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  1. Hehe... DAEBAK^^
    FYI, I'm about writing another review (if I can call it) about this drama. Just wait n see ^^

    By the way, I like "Love U Like U" much,,just like Michael Buble song, hoho...
    "I like you more than saranghae,..." L, your voice is so cute >.< OMMO...
    tararatta... tararatta... tararatta... ^^

    1. Gomawo... ^_^
      Okey, okey, I'll wait for your review. ^_^

    2. haha, entah kenapa jadi english version gini ^^
      LIKE MBAK DIKAAAAAAAAAAA!!! haha, quote... quote...
      can i wait too :P

    3. Gak tahu nih Dira, tiba2 aja pingin ngomong ala bule sejenak. Hahaha... Mudah2an mudah dimengerti isinya. :D

      Dira sendiri udah nonton/baca belum drama ini?

    4. mudah mudah,cuma dira aja kurang sering baca ginian :D
      hehe belum mbak,siapa yang buat sinop bahasa indonya mbak?

    5. Setahu mbak, belum ada yg ngerecap INA-nya. Hehe,,,

  2. 닥지고 꽃미남밴드 대박이야....!!

    suka ceritanya like you said its natural not too over..
    The cast.. omo keren2 and hot ^_^. Nonton ini krn Sung Joon. Kenal band MATE gara2 Hyun Jae dan jatuh suka sama lagu2nya (dengerin deh). Suka lagunya Min Suk (beuatiful lyrics and beautiful voice)... bottom line gue suka Shut Up Flower Boy Band..

    Btw your english is good better than Iam ^_^

    1. Gomawo Fishy0425 atas komennya. ^_^
      Serius lagu2nya band MATE enak? Asiikkk... mari meluncur ke oppa Google. Hehehe... :D

      NB: Qiqiqi... ane jg masih belajar kok bahasa Inggrisnya. Hohoho... Mari terus belajar! Hwaiting! ^_^V


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